My Dress: V-Neck Cutout-Back Shift Dress

Bella’s Dress: Drop-Waist Cami Dress

My shoes: Lace-Up Sandals

Bella’s shoes: Sueded Fringe T-Strap Sandals

Happy summer everyone! Summer is my daughter’s favorite season, and her birthday is only few days after the first day of summer so we always mark the beginning of summer in a special way. Last year, we bought matching swim suits and spent all day at the beach – picnicking and swimming till the sun went down. And this year, we continued the tradition of matching our outfits and kicking off the first day of summer in a memorable way.

To find our matching summer outfits, I turned to Old Navy as I’ve done for few summers now. Why? Because they honestly have the biggest, brightest and most affordable summer styles of any brand I know. Each month they come up with a new, themed collection for everyone in the family, including maternity line I might add! For instance, their May collection was Havana inspired and I ended up getting a beautiful orange maternity dress for myself. And June is Ivory Coast inspired as you can see in these pictures. I can’t wait to find out what the inspiration is for July and August. 

The fun part was that our dresses arrived on the very first day of summer! So put them on and immediately took a stroll to our neighborhood fruit stand. We bought cherries and strawberries and had us a little impromptu picnic at the park near our house. After we had our fill of fresh berries, we wanted to keep the summer vibes going so drove to our local outdoor swimming pool and enrolled Bella for summer swimming classes. And of course she was beyond excited because swimming is her favorite activity. She’s already taking swim lessons once week but now she’ll be swimming four more extra days per week until summer is over 🙂 

To end the first day of summer on a yummy note, we went to our city’s water front and bought ourselves the biggest coned ice cream. We strolled around the marina enjoying our delicious treats until our dinner appetite was thoroughly ruined. And everywhere we went, we kept getting so many compliments on our matching dresses. Now, that’s how you welcome summer! 🙂

What’s your favorite summer tradition? We would love for you to share!



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