Teepee & Sleeping bag from Olive Kids

I’ve been wanting to get my  baby girl one of those trendy teepees for the longest time. I looked around a while back and didn’t find anything I liked then just forgot about it. But as Bella’s 4th birthday started approaching, she started to talk about camping and sleepovers, basically all the cool things her friends were planning to do over the summer. The only thing is, I’m too pregnant and too sleep deprived get into the camping mood. But I also wanted to do something fun and exciting to welcome her birthday.

That’s when I came across Olive Kids, a company that makes fun and colorful gears for kids of all ages – items like teepees, sleeping bags, bedding and more. Even cooler, their teepees and sleeping bags are versatile and perfect for indoor use. And immediately it gave me an idea. Since Bella and I were gonna spend a lot of time together this summer, I’d plan things that we could enjoy from the comfort of our home and backyard. So  two weeks before her birthday, I ordered the Butterfly Garden Teepee and Fairy Princess sleeping bag and couldn’t wait to surprise her! 

Both items arrived the day before her birthday (June 23rd) and that night I set up the teepee and sleeping bag in the living room after she went to sleep. I furnished the teepee with a plush white rug and decorated it with few of her toys and books. Early the next day, I made her favorite breakfast and set it up inside the teepee and that’s where she found me when she woke up. Needless to say, she was sooo excited that she barely ate her breakfast 🙂 She loved her new, colorful teepee that she ended up playing and reading there for several hours after breakfast. 

In the afternoon, we laid out the sleeping bag inside the teepee and we had a ‘mother-daughter” tea party, which she enjoyed a little too much. Then we took a long nap inside the sleeping bag! And of course, that night she insisted that we have a sleepover in her teepee so that’s what we did. Honestly, this year’s birthday celebration was the simplest but it’s the most excited I’d ever seen her, which goes to show that kids don’t need much to have a good time. 

Since her birthday, she’s had so many tea parties and sleepovers in her teepee and she still gets excited every time. Currently, the teepee and sleeping bag are in her bedroom and she uses them to take a nap every afternoon and to read to her toys at bed time. And this weekend, she has invited two of her friends over for overnight camping in the backyard so you can imagine how excited she is. I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot out of her teepee and sleeping bag this summer, which is exactly what mama was hoping for 🙂



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