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“During the process, amazingly, my objective of losing weight moved to the back burner; yet, 15 pounds melted off anyway.”

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Guest Blog – Renew Your Body’s Vitality with a Spring Detox

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Posted on April 10, 2017
Spring cleaning is simply the best – you pack away clothing items that you no longer need and you clean your apartment top to bottom to welcome this shiny new season properly. With the transition from winter to spring, it is time to do a little spring cleaning and detox your body, and get it. . .


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Posted on April 3, 2017
41 Tunnel Rd, Berkeley, CA 94705 I’m so excited that I can finally give you a recap of our epic spring break staycation at Claremont Club & Spa! We were initially really bummed that we couldn’t go to a destination resort like Hawaii or Florida for Bella’s spring break because I’ve been struggling with severe. . .

Prepping Your Body: Getting Pregnant At 35 and Later

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Posted on January 26, 2017
The first time I got pregnant it was almost too easy. We came back from our honeymoon, and we casually said to each other, “let’s start trying and see what happens”. I’d completed my MBA right before our wedding and I was in the middle of job interviews. So we weren’t quite ready, but everyone. . .

New Year, New You: Inspiration & Tips for Healthier & Happier 2017

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Posted on January 6, 2017
Happy New Year lovelies! I can’t believe another year is upon us, am I the only one who thinks that time is zipping by at the speed of light? Still, I’m honestly glad 2016 is over and done with because it was a painful year for our country and so many people in my life.. . .

Fit & Fabulous 2017: Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips For A New You!

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Posted on December 23, 2016
Let me be clear and upfront with you: this is not one of those “Lose 10 pounds in a week!” type of blogposts. Oh, and it’s also not about dieting, cleansing, juicing, or any of the latest weight-loss fads. This is about making a few, long-term lifestyle changes so you can slowly but steadily lose. . .

How I Stay Fit & Fabulous As a Working Mom

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Posted on November 7, 2016
To say that my life has dramatically changed in the last few years would be an understatement. In just four short years, I went from being Miss highly independent-fitness junkie-graduate student to a more settled and busy life as a wife, mommy and entrepreneur.  My definition of fitness and how I achieve it has also. . .

Guest blog: Meal Planning Tips for Working Mamas

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Posted on September 22, 2016
How many times have you finished up a busy day at home or work, only to find yourself face-to-face with a pack of ravenous kids (or an equally ravenous partner) uttering those 3 dreaded words “What’s for dinner?”.  The only problem is that “Make Dinner” was item #101 on today’s To-Do list and we only. . .

Guest blog: 5 Habits for Healthier & Happier Mamas

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Posted on September 15, 2016
Motherhood isn’t easy, but it’s the most rewarding job there is. At the end of a long day, we are often overly exhausted and barely want to lift a finger, let alone a dumbbell. I hear it all too often … finding time and motivation to exercise is not high on the to-do list when. . .

Festive Holiday Cocktails

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Posted on December 25, 2015
‘Tis the season to give thanks, drink, and be merry! Now that our little one, Bella Fiori is two and half years old (today!) I’ve been feeling the need to start a Christmas tradition for our little family. One of them had to be around my love of good food but since I’m not much. . .

Staying Fit This winter – Part two

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Posted on December 16, 2015
When it feels like it’s below zero degrees outside and you’re snuggled in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on hand, the last thing on your mind is dragging yourself to the gym. I hear you, colder weather makes it so much more difficult to get yourself motivated to exercise. Even fitness. . .