Old Navy, Maternity Twist-Front Bodycon 

I can’t believe I made it to 24 weeks without any bump updates! But you guys, it’s honestly been rough few months. The first trimester was extra rough with nonstop nausea, insomnia, and basically throwing up day and night. I tried couple different “safe” nausea meds but none helped 🙁 During those days I was barely functional so I ended up cutting back on work and just tried to getting thorough my days. I barely left the house, and never mind putting myself together and worrying about how looked.

When second trimester rolled around, I could finally take doctor approved, over the counter sleeping meds so at least I could sleep for few hours each night. But surprisingly, the nausea didn’t go away like everyone told me it would. Which is a bummer because nausea is seriously the worst thing ever. The only thing that helped a little was my daily long walks around the lake, so at least I’d that to look forward to. That, and getting bi-weekly prenatal messages made the nausea somewhat bearable.

But about a month ago, I started to feel a little more better. I still sleep no more than 4 hours each night, but I’ve had a bit more energy to get work done and take care of myself again. And the first thing I did was shop for maternity clothing! For a while I could still fit into my regular cloths, but one week everything changed. Suddenly, the tummy was out and everything I own felt three sizes smaller. I’d kept couple dresses from my first pregnancy, but I wanted new things too, so this Old Navy, Maternity Twist-Front Bodycon dress was my first investment. Isn’t so bright and cheery!? It’s it so soft, stylish and I’ve been wearing it everywhere lately. And it honestly doesn’t take much to dress it up so it’s been easy way for me to look put together.

Beyond shopping for cute cloths for myself, I haven’t done much else. Putting the nursery together is still on my to-do list, but I least I’ve picked the baby’s room in our new house! Since we’re not gonna find out the baby’s gender, I’ve also donated most of the girlie baby items I received from Bella’s baby shower and only kept the gender neutral colors for the 2nd baby. Old Navy has amazing selection of baby clothes, so hopefully I’lll have some to share with you on the next bump update! 

Other than that, we’re just beyond excited and anxious about what we’re having. Sometimes I just want to find out if it’s a boy or girl, but I think the surprise will be worth the wait 🙂  Even more excited is Bella, who’s going to make the best big sister. Every single day she kisses my belly and asks to go to the hospital to bring the baby home and it’s the most adorable thing.



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